RunnersHai 5K Time Trial 5公里计时赛跑 已关闭

上海市 徐汇区 瑞平路92号绿地缤纷城,1楼,WF104 (近大益茶庭)

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RunnersHai will be training at Runners Hub several times every week, where they will now get a chance to meet the other communities training in the area. At the Runners Hub opening event on 23rd June, RunnersHai organizes a social and fun community race. 5K of time trial, where runners are send off in groups of 20. Results can be followed live on the screen, and participants can decide to give more tries on the route, to set the best record.

RunnersHai每周都会定期在Runners Hub组织几次跑步训练,在这里你将有机会认识有共同兴趣爱好的朋友。在6月23日Runners Hub开业的这天,RunnersHai将会组织一场5公里计时赛跑,所有选手将会被分成20人一组进行比赛。比赛成绩将会实时在大屏幕上滚动,选手也可以选择在规定时间内多次参赛,取得最满意的成绩。

The route is traffic free and there will be officials guiding the way. Entry is 50 RMB, which will include the "I opened the Runners Hub" shirt, electronic time tracking, and refreshments during the race, a free drink at the 8pm Opening Celebration and a ticket to the 5pm lucky draw.




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Practical 安排:

When 时间: 23rd June 18:00-20:00 6月23日下午6点-8点

Where 地点: Runners Hub (Ground Floor, WF104, back of Carrefour Easy), 92 Ruipin Rd., (subway 7 & 12, Middle Longhua Rd., exit 5).

瑞平路92号绿地缤纷城,1楼,WF104 (近大益茶庭)。

Who 参与者: Everyone aged 15 or above. Runners below 15 must run with an adult. 所有年龄超过15岁的选手。年龄小于15岁者,需要家长陪同参加。


Who’s RunnersHai

RunnersHai is a running club and community located in Shanghai. We started organizingregular practice sessions in the spring 2013, and have been hosting events since 2013.

Our mission is to create a club that engages local and foreign runners to participate in cross cultural exercise and events.

We aim to give people a network of fellow runners attending social training sessions, as well as a variety of opportunities to explore the city and to exercise in the many oases that surround Shanghai.

RunnersHai由丹麦创始人Mation Nexø于上海成立的跑步俱乐部。从2013年开始,便专注于组织跑步训练和举办跑步活动。RunnersHai的宗旨是能够建立一个让上海本地的跑友以及外派到中国工作的国际跑友共同交流的跨文化平台;在这里,我们通过体育运动这一共同的爱好,将大家联结。